Nike -  Global Skateboard Day

Bianca Unanchored

For Bianca de la Garza's transition from morning news to late night talk, she wanted a graphics package that would tell the story.  In partnership with David Vordtriede, we designed an animated open that did just that.  

Monument Guys

For their new reality show about the artists and the business behind historical monuments, the History Channel wanted a graphics package that felt as forged and durable as the works of art themselves.  Title design by David Vordtriede.

Monument Guys

@Nike - Instagram

Nike wanted to show their appreciation to their fans by creating a mosaic of images submitted by their followers.

Nike In-Store Displays

For their in-store displays, Nike needed an animation loop that was dynamic and eye-catching without becoming too chaotic or distracting.  

The Insane Clown Posse Theater

The inimitable Insane Clown Posse made their cable series debut as a foul mouth, face-painted, sendup of the muppets Waldorf and Statler, mocking the music videos of other, lesser, musicians. Like all lights that burn so bright, the show unfortunately did not last beyond two seasons, but the grindhouse-inspired graphics package lives on in the feygo-addled memories of their biggest fans.  Title design by David Vordtriede.